General Information

The Institute carries out the organization and carrying out of scientific and scientific-technical expertise:


  • scientific, scientific and technical proposals, programs and projects;
  • research and development work;
  • innovation projects:

The subject of innovation activity, which claims an innovative project for state registration, must carry out its examination.

The expertise of innovative projects is organized and conducted by the State Scientific Institution "Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information" in accordance with the "Methods of conducting state expertise of innovative projects", the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 114 dated February 21, 2008 and other normative acts.

To submit an innovation project for expertise, the applicant must complete the documents listed in the "Procedure for State Registration of Innovation Projects and the State Register of Innovative Projects".

  • projects and programs of informatization:

The objects of expertise are: tasks (projects) of informatization in the form of proposals submitted by state authorities and local self-government bodies for inclusion in the National Program of Informatization, as well as projects of state, branch, regional, innovation and investment programs and informatization projects; projects of informatization, in particular, draft contracts (agreements, contracts) concerning works (stages of works) on the creation, modernization and development of information systems (information and computer networks, software and hardware complexes, tools of informatization, banks and databases), national, sectoral and regional level; the projects of informatization are carried out, for which there is a need for conducting an expertise and obtaining scientifically substantiated expert opinions.

Other types of activity in the field of informatization: consulting of the executors of the informatization projects on development of the project documentation at all stages of the life cycle; consulting of customers and executors of informatization projects on organization of pre-project works: inspection, formation of functional requirements, development of a concept, development of outline, development of a technical task; expert support of competitive bidding; information and technological audit of activity.

  • other objects of expertise upon request of the customer:

In accordance with Article 39 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Procurement", the justification for the use of the negotiated procurement procedure should contain, in addition to the conditions for the use of such a procedure, references to expert documents confirming their availability.



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